Drilling Down with Precision:

Cutting Edge Technology for Hard and Brittle Materials

buy gabapentin online from usa Laser Augmented Diamond Drilling (LADD) is an innovative manufacturing technology solution for producing holes in hard, brittle and challenging materials.  By using a hybrid combination of lasers and a transparent cutting tool such as diamonds, the solution decreases the damage rate of the workpiece material and provides a high-quality final products (reducing the need for a post process) which leads to increase in productivity and lower manufacturing costs.

http://mybabytrees.com/stanley-plum-tree/ Materials which benefit most from the LADD technology:

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  • CFRPs, Carbon Fiber (Composite Structures)
  • Ceramic Matrix Composites
  • Ceramics
  • Semiconductors/Silicon
  • Glass
  • Rocks / High Quality Gems
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buy propecia hong kong We'll be happy to answer any questions about LADD and the development work we are doing.